What is Diwali?

Diwali, also known as the festival of light, is a religous Hindu festival which celebrates the new year, and has proven to be the most important holiday for India.

Perhaps the most well-known Indian festival,the Festival of Lights, goes on for 5 days ouccuring on the fifteenth day of the Hindu month, Kartika (During October/November in the Gregorian calender). Unlilke us, the fourth day of the Indian festival marks the Hindu new year.

Godess of wealth and prosperity, Lakshmi is the one hounered in this joyus occasion. Hindu's pray to her to bring good luck in the coming year.

What does 'Dawali' mean?

Diwali means 'rows of lighted lamps'.

Hundreds of small oil lamps (Called diyas) are lit and placed around homes, gardens, court yards and also roof-tops and outer walls. This is to recreate the part of the Indian story tha discribes oil lamps being placed outside peoples homes to light the way for Rama and Sitas triumphant homecoming to Ayodhya.

Belived that the more lamps they light, the more tempted that Lakshmi will to visit them, resulting in bringing her wealth with her when she visits.

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