DWJS Carnival Day
1. Cooking- Coconut Ice

''It was funny when Bradley took hold of the mixing bowl and tried to stir the contents; it was at this point that it exploded over Mrs Cox!''

''I enjoyed licking my fingers but every time I did I had to go and wash my hands again- and again- and again!''

2. Dance Workshop

''It was sooooo funny; we seemed to loose the power of control over our legs. I think we were either possessed or just enjoying ourselves!''

3. Costumes

''It was quite tricky transfering my design onto my t.shirt because the material kept moving and scrunching up. However, with a bit of perseverance I got there. It looked great! :)''

''My headdress looked like it had been involved in a glitter and sequin explosion. Ha ha.''
4. Show Time

''The catwalk was brilliant fun. I enjoyed seeing everyone strut their stuff.'' ''I enjoyed playing the steel pans; it was as though we were on holiday.''

'''The samba dancing was really good fun even though the person next to me kept stamping on my foot.''

''The artwork looked amazing; they were sooooo colourful and inspiring :)
Carnival Wordsearch