The Greeks believed in many Gods: each of them were in charge of something different.
  • Zues- God od Gods. His symbols are the lighting bolt.
  • Hera- Godess of marrige and women. Her symbols are the scepter and the pomegranate
  • Athene- Godess of war and wisdom. Her symbols are the olive and the owl
  • Dionysus- God of wine and celebration. His symbols are the flute and the wine barrel
  • Posidon-God of the sea. His symbols are the dolphin
  • Hades- God of the underworld. His symbol is his three headed dog- Cerberus
  • Aphrodite- Godess of love and beauty. Her symbols are the mirror, olive wreath and wreath
  • Apollo- God of love. His symbols are his bow and arrow
  • Ares - God of war.His symbol is teh spear
  • Hermes-Messenger God. His symbol is the staff and his winged sandals
  • Hestia-Godessof famillies.She has no symbols
  • Hephaestus- God of metallury. His symbols are the fire and the hammer

Above are the 12 main Greek God/Godesses

Greek food.
The Greeks had a wide variety of foods. They were very fond of:
stuffed vine leaves
hummus-often eaten with pitta bread or as a crudites dip

When wrere the Greeks?
First came the Dinasours 65,000 BC
Then came the Stone Age 4,000BC
Next came the Egyptians 2,000BC
The Aincent Greeks! 400BC
After that was Jesus 0
Then the Romams 100AD
Next, the Anglo Saxons 600AD
Vikings 900AD
Tudor times 1,500AD
The world Wars 1914AD To 1939AD
The first man on the moon 1969AD
And finally us 1969AD and onwards

Greek Theatres

Greek Theatres were built into a cliff or hillside. Actors wore masks to get into character and to show an expression much clearer than a normal face would. The chorus (people who act out the story) often wore large padded clothes or gigantic wings to make themselves stand out because the stage was tiny compared to the amount of space where the seats were. Most Greek Cities had an open-air ampetheatre where anyone could watch plays even if they were poor because it was free to go to.The masks had large mouth holes to extend the volume of sound.
The Greeks invented the Olympic games but didn't do it between countries but between different places in Greece. They didn't have so many sports as nowdays but their rules were very different so the games were more dangerous. If you killed your apponent in Wrestling then you lost and the dead person won.