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A moat is a deep ditch filled with water that surrounds a castle, it also protects the castle from intruders and unwelcome visitors.

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The only way to cross a moat was on the drawbridge. These wooden structures could be raised or lowered depending on whether or not the people in the castles wanted you to come in. Ropes or chains were attached to the end of the bridge and then attached to a pulley so that guards were able to raise it fast.

Ramparts were steep banks of earth or rubble. Attackers had to climb over them to get closer to the castle.
Castle Walls
The walls of the castles were very high making it hard for attackers to climb over.Large thick curtain walls around the castle buildings were like a strong shield to protect the castle.
On top of the castle walls were the battlements. They were tooth shaped and protective and they often had a wall behind them.

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Main Gates
The main gates were a large, thick, wooden door that was normally hard to break through.
Spiked wooden or metal barriers, called portcullis, helped protect the doors from fire and battering. It was lowered by chains above the gateway.
Round Towers
It was a lot harder for attackers to make round towers collapse. They had no corners which made it a lot harder to destroy.