Kidsmeet Bromley was a great success as you can see from the following images: Kidsmeet Photos

Quotes from the day:

"I would like to start by thanking everyone involved in the day. It was so pleasing to witness so many people willing to give up their time to make the event such a great day for all the students involved. I was particularly impressed how quickly the students got into the experience, throwing all their energy into their presentations and leading workshops with incredible confidence and skill. Throughout the day children consistently helped others sharing their knowledge. This was particularly evident with the Zondle (digital leaders) team as they coached a number of students through the process during the afternoon session. I was also very impressed by how children began to strike up friendships very quickly with students from other schools. It was visible for all to see how much confidence the students gained from the day. I look forward to my involvement in kidsmeet events in the future!" Paul Hutson, Night Zookeeper.

"The day was a resounding success from start to finish. The pupils threw themselves whole-heatedly into the event, in spite of the fact that it involved many of them venturing beyond their comfort zone. The pupil presentations were both engaging and inspiring for the children and adults alike, whilst the ICT workshops led by Wayne, Kate and Mathieu were testimony to what young learners can achieve in even the most unfamiliar of contexts with the right balance of challenge and guidance. I can't help thinking that when Mick Waters outlined his vision for a 'modern, world class curriculum that would inspire and challenge learners' this is exactly the kind of collaborative event that he had in mind. I am very proud of all of the pupils and immeasurably grateful to all of the adults who gave up their time to make Kidsmeet Bromley a day to be proud of! I'm off to plan Kidsmeet Bromley 2..." Andrew Kilgour, Deputy Head, Darrick Wood Junior School.

"What a great day! So many skills developed for the children - presentation, discussion, technology, social interaction. I watch my children and they are more confident, engaging in a way I've never seen. Perfect for secondary transition and stepping out of their comfort zone! As a HT I've met inspiring presenters, have made a great school connection and already have plans to continue this joint learning where children will lead learning for others at each school and can show our presentations live and in action. Inspired is how we end the day!Huge thanks to DWJS, Night Zookeeper and everyone else." Becky Sharp, Head Teacher, Oaklands Primary School.

"Fantastic day, children have learned so much about a wide range of topics. Appeals to all levels of interest and abilities. Well done!" Belinda Cable, Farnborough Primary School

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