Castles looked great on the outside, but really they were cold, damp, and poorly lit. The only heating was provided by fireplaces in each room and castles had to be lit by torches because they were very dark inside.

People tended to spend much time outdoors to get away from the dampness of the castle. Tapestries were hung on the wall to help brighten up the halls and keep in heat.

Furniture in the great hall:
  • Wooden benches
  • Large tables made by laying wood planks across other benches

The table was taken down to make room for the servants who slept on the floor.

The floors were covered year-round with reeds, bones, and scraps of food. When the room began to smell, the servants added more reeds and sprinkled spices to help get rid of the odor.

Once a year, the servants replaced the soiled reeds with new ones, and the whole process started again.