• Electrical Safety

Electricity comes from:
Power Stations
Wind Turbines
Solar Panels
Water Harnessers

Electrical Safety in the House

Kitchen Safety

  • Irons get very hot- don't trip on the wires
  • Don't touch any electrical kitchen appliances with wet hands.
  • Don't put anything into the holes of an electrical socket.
  • Never put items into the microwave or dishwasher without an adult.
  • Cables should never be on or near the hob.
  • Never stick anything inside the toaster.

Living Room Safety

  • Never have candles lit on top of electrical equipment: it could cause fires.
  • Don't let leads from electrical items trail across the floor.
  • Don't stick anything into the holes of a socket.
  • Never overload adaptors; you could cause a fire. Instead, use four bar adaptors.

Bed Room Safety

  • Always get a grownup to change light bulbs.
  • Don't poke anything in the hole of a socket.
  • Don't let leads from electrical items trail across the floor- you could trip over them.
  • Always keep drinks away from electrical appliances.

Bathroom Saftey

  • Never touch electrical objects with wet hands.
  • Avoid bringing electrical appliances into the bathroom e.g Electrical hair products.

  • Most electrical appliances are powered by a circuit.
  • The simplest circuit is the lightbulb.
  • Here is a diagram of a circuit.
  • If you took away any thing from this circuit it will not work.
external image circuits.gif

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